You can search build numbers of Exchange Server.
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You can search build numbers of Exchange Server.


  1. Download Get-ExchangeBuildNumber.ps1 and save on your computer. Set the extention of the file to .ps1.
  2. Start PowerShell and go to the folder where you saved the file.
  3. Run the following command and load the Get-ExchangeBuildNumber Cmdlet.
. D:\GitHub\Get-ExchangeBuildNumber\Get-ExchangeBuildNumber.ps1
  1. If you want to know the build number of Exchange 2013 CU11, run the following command.
Get-ExchangeBuildNumber -ProductName "Exchange 2013 CU11"
  1. If you want to know the product name of 15.0.1156.6, run the following command.
Get-ExchangeProductName 15.0.1156.6
  1. If you want to update the definition file manually, run the following command.

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