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Add troubleshooting suggestions to README #1

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Add troubleshooting suggestions to README

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joncojonathan committed Oct 27, 2018
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@@ -30,5 +30,28 @@ Get-ExchangeProductName 15.0.1156.6

## Problems running the script
By default, PowerShell restricts script execution to help protect against script based attacks. It does this via the _execution policy_. To validate your system's current policy setting use the `Get-ExecutionPolicy` cmdlet:


If you receive a result of _Restricted_ you'll need to either set a new policy (one of _AllSigned_, _RemoteSigned_ or _Unrestricted_ (*not recommended*)) or bypass the policy for this script. _AllSigned_ will run any signed script whereas _RemoteSigned_ only requires a script to be signed it if comes from a remote system (downloaded from the Internet or via a file share). _Unrestricted_ is not recommended as all scripts would be permitted to run, including those from malicious actors.

__Note:__ This script is not signed.

To change your execution policy (adjust the level to suit):

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Alternatively, start a `PowerShell` session (from the run prompt) in execution policy bypass mode, then run script as above:

powershell –ExecutionPolicy Bypass

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