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Deployment to Azure

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  1. Start Visual Studio as Administrator, then open 10_Demos_Deployment.sln solution. Note: if you get an error saying that Visual Studio cannot open that type of project, make sure Microsoft Azure SDK is installed.

  2. Right click on MyHealth project. Click on Deploy>New Deployment.

  3. You will be prompted to connect to your Azure Subscription.

  4. Create a new Resource Group to contain all the backend services. The name must be unique in the selected subscription.

  5. Click on “Deploy” (make sure Visual Studio runs as administrator, otherwise the deploy script will fail).

  6. After completing the task, all the resources will be created inside the selected Resource Group. Sign in into the Azure Portal, click on "Resource Groups", click on the Resource Group that was just created. Under "Summary", you will see all the resources created.

  7. Open the 01_Demos_ASPNET5.sln solution to deploy the backend services.

  8. In the appsettings.json files it´s possible to change the default credentials that are needed to connect to the private web site.

  9. Make sure packages for the solution are restored, and that MyHealth.Web project builds successfully. Select MyHealth.Web project and click on “publish”. Select "Microsoft Azure App Service" as publish target.

  10. Select the right Azure Subscription and navigate to the Azure WebApp created in the first steps. Select the website.

  11. Click on “Ok”.

  12. In the Settings page, set the right DNX version: rc1-update1.

  13. Click on “Publish”.

  14. After completing the deployment a new browser will be opened with the HealthClinic WebSite.

  15. Click on “private area” and use the credentials stored in the settings file to access to this area.

  16. Open the 06_Demos_MobileApp.sln solution to deploy the MobileApp backend.

  17. Click on “Publish” and choose the mobileapp service.

  18. Click on “Publish”. A new browser will be opened after completing the deployment.

  19. Now that the entire backend was deployed, the URL's of the services created must be used in the client apps:
    In file [src\MyHealth.Client.Core\AppSettings.cs] (, set "ServerlUrl" to the website URL, and "MobileAPIUrl" to the mobile app URL.

In the Cordova app, set the Azure API_URL in src\MyHealth.Client.Cordova\content\app\modules\shared\services\configService.ts to the value of the mobile service URL.

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