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IE Diagnostics Adapter is a proxy that enables tools to debug and diagnose IE using the Chrome remote debug protocol.

Current Release


Simply download a release on to your hard drive.

  1. Download the current release
  2. Extract/Copy the files into a folder on disk where you wish to run the file from. We currently recommend a folder on the desktop.
  3. You should end up with IEDiagnosticsAdapter.exe, Proxy.dll, and Proxy64.dll files inside the folder
  4. If you plan to use this tool against IE in Enhanced Protected Mode (note, this includes 64 bit machines), and you're on Windows 8 or later, you should grant the 'ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES' group the necessary rights. Note group 'ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES' is locale dependent. You can do that by:
    • Navigating to the directory containing Proxy64.dll and type icacls proxy64.dll /grant "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES":(RX) in an Administrator Command Prompt to grant necessary permissions.
    • Browsing to the directory containing Proxy64.dll. Right-click this file, click 'Properties'. Open the 'security' tab and click 'edit'. Add the 'ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES' group and allow this group the 'Read & excute' and 'Read' rights.


  1. Launch IE and browse to the site you want to debug
  2. Run the IEDiagnosticsAdapter.exe



Chrome Dev Tools

  1. Open Chrome browse to http://localhost:9222/
  2. Choose a page to debug

Required Browsers

In order to use the IE Diagnostics Adapter you need to have IE11 installed.

Supported Chrome Remote APIs

The table below is a summary of the support for the various Chrome remote debugging v1.1 protocol. Right now the IE Diagnostics Adapter just supports the core debugging feature set. More detailed information can be found on the wiki.

Building & Contributing

To build and contribute to this project take a gander at the wiki pages on building and contributing


IE Diagnostics Adapter is a standalone exe that enables tools to debug and diagnose IE11 using the Chrome remote debug protocol.



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