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Welcome to the Cloud + AI Localization Community!

Cloud + AI Community Localization Projects - Home

Come join us and help shape the international versions of the Software & Documentation that are used by millions of Developers & IT Professionals! It's very simple! Just follow the instructions below and become part of the Community of Contributors. (Leaderboard)

If you are native/fluent in a language other than English and are willing to contribute to translate or to increase the quality of the localized Open Source products and docs, these are the currently active projects we have available:

Project Platform
More Info and Translation workspace/s Status
VS Code Transifex you can find more info on the VS Code Localization Project page and these are the workspaces - vscode-editor / vscode-workbench / vscode-extensions / vscode-setup Dashboard
SQL Operations Studio MLCP Project info at the SQL Operations Studio page and link to Workspace Dashboard
SQL Tools on Linux MLCP More info on the SQL Tools on Linux Project page - this is the Workspace Dashboard
Team Explorer Everywhere MLCP TEE Project info and Workspace Dashboard
Developer Tools MLCP Developer Tools Project info and Workspace Dashboard
Documentation Docs More and more of the Documentation related to Microsoft products is getting hosted on Docs and it's Open Source. Find out how to contribute to and/or improve it today!

📢 News & Events

Community Calls

Our past Community Call was on March 29, 2018 - if you missed it, you can watch the recording here on Youtube

Come back often or sign up to our Social channels below to be notified about the next one!

YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube channel to watch the recordings of our past Community Calls and for newly posted tutorials!

See Daniel's demo how to contribute to Docs on GitHub! GitHub demo

Hear why they do it

Bruno Sonnino Roberto Fonseca

🥇 Stars of the Month

The Community for these projects has now surpassed 1000 members! You can find the full list of contributors for each project in our NEW powerBI-based Leaderboard.

We ❤️ our Community

Participate in the discussion and/or follow updates at the channels below

Microsoft techCommunities Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Gitter WeChat YouTube VSCode Forum on Transifex

More on our Contacts page

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