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How to contribute to Software

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If you are passionate for localizing Open Source software products into your own native language, Microsoft has made several products available for Community localization.

You can use the Microsoft Localization Community Platform where the Community can provide feedback, suggest better translations or help translate a new Open Source project from scratch. Here are the basic steps:

NOTE: the Transifex platform is no longer in use - by Jan 2019 all projects will be hosted on the Microsoft Localization Community Platform

Microsoft Localization Community Platform

Initial platform sign up

  1. Go to Microsoft Localization Community platform
  2. Click "Guest" or the person icon at the top right hand corner
  3. Click "Sign in"
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft account
  5. Fill in the sign up page
    1. Your Microsoft account info will show in the Name, Display name, and Email address
    2. If you select Yes for Organization, type the name of your Organization
    3. If you receive an invitation code, select Yes and paste the code. If not, select No
    4. Select a language, this will be the language available to you in the platform translation Editor
    5. Check the Term of Service box and Privacy agreement box
    6. Click Sign up

MLCP Signup page

How to contribute

  1. Go to Microsoft Localization Community platform
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account
  3. In the platform translation editor page
    1. The language is locked to the language you selected at the initial platform sign-up
    2. In "Project" drop-down list, select the project you would like to contribute
    3. In "Strings to view" drop-down list, there are 2 selections
      1. "All" will give you new strings which do not have any translations and strings that have some translations and need votes .
      2. "Translation suggestions exist" will only give you strings that have some translations and need votes.
  4. In each resource string you can find machine translation suggestion with a robot icon. If someone has added his/her translation suggestion, the suggestion will include a crowd icon. You can vote for those suggestions or add your own suggestion.
  5. After you add your translation suggestion or vote for a string, the string will be gone, the next string will be highlighted for translations or votes
  6. If you want to skip the current batch of strings, you can click "Next" at the right hand corner to get a new batch of strings.
  7. A string will be fully localized when it has 3 likes. An initial suggestion is counted as 1 like. So, a translation is not official until it had 3 likes.

When all the strings of a project are fully localized and reach the vote threshold, you won't see new strings from that project.

If you have any question or issue, please feel free to log a GitHub Issue on this repo

Enjoy! And Thank you!

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