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Join the Microsoft Open Source Localization Program

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Are you passionate about localizing software products into your own native language? Join the Microsoft Community Localization Platform to directly contribute to the localization of Microsoft Open Source Products listed below. Open Source products currently available for you to contribute to are:

You can also contribute to Microsoft Docs and Linguistic review. Please see the list of active projects here.

Do you want to know more? Join our community call on August 29, 2017 to know more about this project. Information on joining the call is shared here.

How to Participate?

Sign up in Transifex

If you are an existing user in Transifex, go to Request access to project. Then, you're all set to go!

For new users of Transifex, navigate to in your web browser.

  1. To create a new account, click on "Try for free" on the top right corner of the page.

    Sign up in Transifex

  2. You can either create a Transifex account or login with your GitHub, Google, or LinkedIn.

    Options for Signing up to Transifex

  3. Once you successfully create an account, you will see the dialog below. Click on "Find a project to translate".

    Sign up complete

  4. Follow instructions in Request Access to a Project to start contributing for Microsoft Open Source Localization projects.

Request Access to a Project

Microsoft has released the following open source products onto a third-party localization platform, Transifex, where the community can provide feedback, suggest better translations or help translate a new Open Source project from scratch.

  1. Log in to Transifex using your credentials.

  2. Below are the Transifex links to public Microsoft projects. Click on the links you are most interested in.

  3. In the project page, click on Join Team on top right hand corner.

    Join button on top right corner

  4. Transifex will then prompt you to choose the language you wish to translate and accept the Terms & Conditions.

    Choose language and accept T&Cs

  5. Within 24 hours, you will receive a notification and you'll be set to start translating.

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