Visual Studio Code Community Localization Project

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vscode localization

Are you passionate about VS Code? Passionate about making VS Code work in your native language? If so, come and help on the "by the community, for the community" localization effort!

We are opening localization for the existing 9 languages and extending the language set to include another 8.

How to Contribute

Please see general instruction from Getting Started with Community Localization page. Follow these simple steps to contribute.

  1. Sign up to transifex free.
  2. Request access to a project.
  3. Start contributing. See What to contribute? and how to get help?

How frequent the string update will be pushed to transifex?

vscode is a very active project receives lots of contribution from open source community. Code change introduces string change may come every day. The system is set up in the way that push new strings to transifex weekly now. We will change this to daily in near future.

How frequent the translation will be pushed from transifex to vscode github project?

Translation will be pushed to vscode project twice a week. Wednesday and Friday Pacific standard time.

What is the VS Code release cadence?

VS Code is in monthly release cadence. You can find more info of roadmap and iteration plan from VS code wiki

How are the projects organized?

We structured the resources in Transifex by mapping to the source code structure in VS Code:

*vscode-setup only exposes 4 languages. Other languages already localized as part of toolset.

Language set

Existing 9 languages

These languages have high localized rate (near 100%). There will be 100-200 new strings in each monthly release cycle.

Language VS Code LanguageID Transifex LanguageCode
French fr-FR French (fr)
Italian it_IT Italian (it)
German de-DE German (de)
Spanish es-ES Spanish (es)
Russian ru-RU Russian (ru)
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN Chinese Simplified (zh-Hans)
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW Chinese Simplified (zh-Hant)
Japanese ja-JP Japanese (ja)
Korean ko-KR Korean (ko)

Extended 8 languages

These languages are new, pre-defined in Transifex and have low localized rate. We expect to improve localization coverage through community localization effort in several months and add to VS Code product. To request new language, see steps and criterias to add language to Transifex and VS Code.

Language VS Code Language request VS Code LanguageID Transifex LanguageCode
Czech N/A N/A Czech (cs)
Dutch N/A N/A Dutch (nl)
Hungarian N/A N/A Hungarian (hu)
Polish N/A N/A Polish (pl)
Portuguese (Brazil) Request N/A Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR)
Portuguese (Portugal) N/A N/A Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT)
Swedish N/A N/A Swedish (sv)
Turkish N/A N/A Turkish (tr)

Newly requested languages

These languages were just requested by community members and pending decision to add to Transifex or VS Code.

Language VS Code Language request VS Code LanguageID Transifex Language request Transifex LanguageCode
Bosnian N/A N/A Request N/A
Catalan N/A N/A Request N/A
Croatian N/A N/A Request N/A
Finnish N/A N/A Request N/A
Georgian N/A N/A Request N/A
Greek N/A N/A Request N/A
Hebrew N/A N/A Request N/A
Indonesian N/A N/A Request N/A
Lao N/A N/A Request N/A
Persian N/A N/A Request N/A
Romanian N/A N/A Request N/A
Serbian N/A N/A Request N/A
Sinhala N/A N/A Request N/A
Tajik N/A N/A Request N/A
Telugu N/A N/A Request N/A
Thai N/A N/A Request N/A
Ukrainian N/A N/A Request N/A
Yoruba N/A N/A Request N/A