NormalizeString Function

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string NormalizeString(value:string, [substitutions:string])


Normalizes the first string, first by replacing the character substitutions specified in the second string and then removing all diacritics using the .NET string normalization function.


If the optional second parameter (substitution string) specified, it is ':' and '|' separated in the form oldString1:newString1|oldString2:newString2… e.g. "Å:AA|Ä:AE|Ö:OE|å:aa|ä:ae|ö:oe|ß:ss|æ:ae". The substitutions are case-sensitive, so you need to provide uppercase as well as lowercase substitutions.

Supported Version

2.14.611.0 and later



Replace some Nordic umlauts and strip accents from everything else:

NormalizeString([//Target/StoreName], "Å:AA|Ä:AE|Ö:OE|å:aa|ä:ae|ö:oe|ß:ss|æ:ae")

in the example given above Åhléns will become AAhlens, where Å will be replaced with AA and é will get its accept stripped and will become just e.

Replace Cyrillic chars with Latin ones and strip accents from everything else, e.g. Czech chars.

NormalizeString([//Target/DisplayName], "А:A|Б:B|В:V|Г:G|Д:D|Е:E|Ё:Yo|Ж:Zh|З:Z|И:I|Й:Y|К:K|Л:L|М:M|Н:N|О:O|П:P|Р:R|С:S|Т:T|У:U|Ф:F|Х:Kh|Ц:Ts|Ч:Ch|Ш:Sh|Щ:Sch|Ъ:|Ы:Y|Ь:|Э:E|Ю:Yu|Я:Ya|а:a|б:b|в:v|г:g|д:d|е:e|ё:yo|ж:zh|з:z|и:i|й:y|к:k|л:l|м:m|н:n|о:o|п:p|р:r|с:s|т:t|у:u|ф:f|х:kh|ц:ts|ч:ch|ш:sh|щ:sch|ъ:|ы:y|ь:|э:e|ю:yu|я:ya")

in here, Мао Цзэдун will become Mao Tszedun.