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  • This release is specifically targeted for Unity Editor-2017.2.1f1
    • This release should be compatible for development for both HoloLens & immersive headsets for 2017.2+
    • Minimum Editor Compatibility for Unity 5.6 for HoloLens development ONLY.
    • Windows SDK 10.0.16299 is required for 2017.2+
    • Visual Studio 2017 is required.
    • Fall Creators Update is required.
  • When upgrading to this release, delete all toolkit folders before importing the package.

What's New

Release Notes

  • (#1526) BoundaryManager will be destroyed on HoloLens because of new Unity behavior.
  • (#1521) Xbox controller fixes to handle gamepad input that got broken.
  • (#1182) Updated sharing scenes to use Sharing World Anchor Manager.
  • (#1133) Misc Virtual Keyboard fixes.
  • (#1163, #1251, #1359, #1387) Misc Build Window and Project Configuration fixes.
  • (#1255) Fixes Interaction Sources not properly being registered at startup in some cases.
  • (#1250) Updated Teleport logic and Floor offset in IMHDs.
  • (#1259, #1338) Fixed an issue where the Mixed Reality Camera Inspector.
  • (#1269, #1126) GamePad input axis fixes.
  • (#1256, #1350) Fixed uGUI raycasting for HoloLens and IMHDs.
  • (#1329) Properly consuming clicks in TapToPlace.cs.
  • (#1361) Clicker and HandDraggable fixes for HoloLens.
  • (#1298, #1464) FadeScript was renamed to FadeManager, and was updated.
    • Removed the F key input mapping that was used for testing.
  • (#1419, #1427) Fixed Unity editor backwards compatibility.
  • (#1290) Validation for Position and Rotation from UnityEngine.XR.WSA.InteractionSourceState.sourcePose.
  • (#1469) Removed System.IO.dll that was needed to successfully build IL2CPP projects. (Unity Bug)

Breaking Changes from last release v1.2017.2.0

  • (#1208) Updated Singleton with DontDestroyOnLoad and will now survive scene transitions.
  • (#1349) Removed Manager.prefab. Users should use InputManager.prefab.
  • Made the 16299 SDK the default when building with the Build And Deploy Window for 2017.2+
    • 15063 is still the default SDK target for all previous builds of Unity.
  • Made msbuild 15.0 the default build version number.
  • Now all world space canvases are required to assign the FocusManager.Instance.UIRaycastCamera (a child of the InputManager's EventSystem ) to their event camera field.
  • A dialog will pop up the first time you switch to the WorldSpace render mode asking if you'd like to switch.
  • Updating your existing canvases is done for you by the FocusManager if one exists in your scene.
  • You can also call FocusManager.Instance.UpdateCanvasEventSystems() at runtime.
  • If you're procedurally creating canvases you can also set the world/event camera to FocusManager.Instance.UIRaycastCamera.
  • UAudio events are now handed by UAudioBank. To Upgrade your events:
    1. Open existing project and Inspect the UAudioManager.
    2. Use the Export button to create a bank from the existing embedded data.
    • You may need to adjust the falloff curve and distance of spatialized sounds due to changes in the underlying spatializer library.
    • You can now move the generated asset around and rename it as required. (Default asset name is ConvertedAudioBank)

Known Issues:

  • Doesn't build for Window Standalone.
    • Fix: Add UNITY_WSA around broken lines.