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@keveleigh keveleigh released this Aug 1, 2018

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Upgrade Guide


  • This release is targeted for the Unity 2017.x products
    • The recommended Editor version is 2017.4 LTS (Long Term Support)
    • This release should be compatible for development for both HoloLens & immersive headsets for 2017.2+
    • The recommended minimum Editor version is 2017.1 (we will investigate reported issues on Unity 5.6).
    • Windows SDK 10.0.17134 is required for 2017.2+
    • Visual Studio 2017 is required.
    • Fall Creators Update is required.
  • When upgrading to this release, delete all toolkit folders before importing the package.

What's New

  • (#2228) In Between Solver that keeps an object between two tracked objects/transforms
  • (#2314) Better example for custom Icons for AppBar
  • (#2327) Spectator View multilens support [preview]
  • (#2343) Make the CompoundButtonSpeech.cs available and add CompoundButtonEventTrigger.cs to attach an event to the keyword recognized through speech
  • (#2403) Add inscribed rectangle to BoundaryManager
  • (#2467) Add "Add the Spatial Mapping Prefab" to the scene configuration window

Preview Features

  • (#1867) Spectator View (share holograms with HoloLens and iOS devices)
    • (#2327) Spectator View multilens support

Import HoloToolkit-Unity-Preview-2017.4.1.0.unitypackage to include SpectatorView in your project.


  • (#1181, #2362) MixedRealityTeleport teleport position is abnormal
  • (#1535) Crash calling Dismiss() on PopupMenu if rootAnimator is null
  • (#1679) DebugLog of CanShareAnchors is wrong
  • (#1712) Slider range not properly working
  • (#1879, #2524) OnButtonClicked is triggered twice on an AirTap
  • (#2021) TwoHandManipulatable script moves objects even if OneHandMovement option is unchecked
  • (#2040) PopupMenu: 'IsModal' and 'CloseOnNonTargetedTap' options don't work correctly
  • (#2042) Bounding Box and App Bar not working as expected for Rectangular Holograms
  • (#2071) Configuration menu getting reordered after use
  • (#2165) Spectator View Build Warnings
  • (#2214) If platform is not previously set to UWP, project settings not applied correctly
  • (#2217) Fixed a bug where solvers would try to attach to the right hand before it was ready
  • (#2225) SpectatorView prevents Standalone (and any other platform where Handheld doesn't exist) builds
  • (#2227) Fixing a bug the causes FaceOrigin collections to face the wrong direction when collections are rotated.
  • (#2242, #2522) Toolkit keyboard keys and system keyboard logic updates
  • (#2276) "Sharing with UNET" example - Anchor isn't shared with Client
  • (#2294) Interactive mesh cursor default distance set to 0
  • (#2295) Button class does not block events from reaching fallbackInputStack
  • (#2300) MoveToPosition.TargetObject continues to target its own game object instead of the target
  • (#2303) Hololens Unet client places anchor at headset position
  • (#2324) Mesh transform not preserved when used as room model
  • (#2348) Fix for choosing closest grabbable object to grab
  • (#2349) Fix for dragging of rotation handles of BoundBoxRig
  • (#2356) Fixes an InteractionInputSource bug where data was removed too soon
  • (#2380) Billboard.cs up vector fix
  • (#2394) Misusing of static class ExtensionMethods
  • (#2470) Spectator View (Preview) - Can't build for iOS

Known issues

The following items are known and currently being investigated.

  • (#2123) Cannot build for IL2CPP in 5.6
  • (#2126) Invalid IL warnings in UnityEngine.Internal
  • (#2163) WACK failure - SpectatorView
  • (#2438) Spectator View Stuck
  • (#2528) Strip Mesh, Instanced Mesh, and Particle System Line Renderers do not properly apply colors
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