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HoloToolkit 2017.4.3.0

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@keveleigh keveleigh released this 26 Nov 19:49

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Upgrade Guide


  • This release is targeted for the Unity 2017.x products
    • The recommended Editor version is 2017.4 LTS (Long Term Support)
    • This release should be compatible for development for both HoloLens & immersive headsets for 2017.2+
    • Windows SDK 10.0.17134 is required for 2017.2+
    • Visual Studio 2017 is required.
    • Fall Creators Update or later is required.
  • When upgrading to this release, delete all toolkit folders before importing the package.


  • (#2937) Prevent solver targets from rotating when the target is the head
  • (#2932) Fix null exception in WorldAnchorManager
  • (#2985) Fix QR code building on non-WSA platforms
  • (#3181) Delay trying to load controller models to enable Editor loading

Preview Features

  • (#1867) Spectator View (share holograms with HoloLens and iOS devices)
    • (#2327) Spectator View multilens support
  • (#2872) QR Code Tracking

Import HoloToolkit-Unity-Preview-2017.4.3.0.unitypackage to include SpectatorView or QR Code Tracking in your project.