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@davidkline-ms davidkline-ms released this Feb 22, 2019


Welcome to Beta 2 of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit version 2 (formerly vNext 2018.x)!

PLEASE NOTE: This release is a significant breaking change from Mixed Reality Toolkit 2018.9.0 (released 2018/10/31) and all HoloToolkit releases.

Documentation for v2 is being written and published to Please see the sidebar on the right hand of the page for individual links.


  • New version numbering system
    • Adheres to Semantic Versioning 2.0.0
  • Cross-platform Mixed Reality support
    • Windows Mixed Reality
      • Microsoft HoloLens
      • Immersive Headsets
    • OpenVR
  • New, more modular architecture
    • Core
      • Interface definitions
      • Data types
      • Profile system for configuration
      • Mixed Reality Toolkit scene object
      • Unity Input data provider
      • Mixed Reality Toolkit Standard Shader
    • Platform data providers
      • Windows Mixed Reality
      • Windows Voice
      • OpenVR
    • System services
      • Boundary
      • Diagnostics (featuring the Visual Profiler)
      • Input
      • Spatial Awareness
      • Teleportation
    • Features
      • Audio influencer effects
      • Solvers
      • User Experience Controls
      • Standard Assets


  • Unity 2018.3.x or later
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Windows SDK 10.0.17134 or later
  • Windows 10 1803 or later

The Packages

This release consists of two packages: Foundation and Examples.


The Foundation package contains all of the packages defined here. This will enable access to the complete Mixed Reality Toolkit foundational feature set without needing to install any other packages.


The Examples package contains demonstration scenes and assets used to help get you started using the systems and features of the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

Changes since v2.0.0 Beta2 Release Candidate

  • (#3496) Fix air-tap in Holographic Remoting (workaround for Unity issue #1033526)
  • (#3502) MixedRealityToolkit Profile Inspector
  • (#3503) Small Performance Tweaks Round 2
  • (#3506) Read the default profile and default platforms from the ExtensionServiceAttribute
  • (#3508) Pre-beta2 spell check pass

Known Issues

The following issues are known and under investigation.

  • (#3158) Improve Workflow for Stabilization Plane
  • (#3177) The "select" voice command no longer fires an event on Windows Mixed Reality
  • (#3217) vNEXT Task: Add Application Pause/Focus from Engine to Service Locator
  • (#3308) DeployOptions: Not able to connect to hololens and deploy appx
  • (#3322) Unity UI buttons have priority over MRTK buttons
  • (#3331) Controller visualization for Windows Mixed Reality
  • (#3332) Controller visualization for OpenVR
  • (#3359) FocusManager does not compute distance to Canvas correctly
  • (#3403) If no camera exists in the scene, MRTK Configure doesn't properly set up the scene
  • (#3422) [UWP] Selecting InputFields in the Editor only works outside the center text
  • (#3427) Question: UIRayCastCamera Disappearing on click of create new in profiles
  • (#3429) How to setup uGUI for MRTK?)
  • (#3430) MRTK continually complains about irrelevant joysticks

Breaking Changes

Since the release of Mixed Reality Toolkit v2018.9.0 Beta 1, the number and scope of breaking changes is too large to completely enumerate here. The following is a subset of the most impactful breaking changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the breaking changes involved the modularization of the Mixed Reality Toolkit. Configuration profiles created with the Beta 1 release will need to be updated or recreated.

  • (#3074) Refactor Controller Mapping Profile to accept individual controller scriptable objects
  • (#3115) Update inconsistent naming of core system implementations
  • (#3295) Remove requirement for IMixedRealityInputHandler < T > to be an IMixedRealityInputHandler
  • (#3326) Spatial awareness interface changes
  • (#3341) Tree layout and assembly restructure to align with packaging
  • (#3357) Create separate WindowsMixedReality provider assembly
  • (#3358) Create separate OpenVR provider assembly
  • (#3387) Add attribute to make sure we can migrate to data provider in V3
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