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Welcome to the MRTK Wiki!

The pages here are primarily intended for those who wishes to contribute to the MRTK project by submitting bug reports, suggesting new features, building extensions, or even submitting pull request.

Please refer to the current Contributing to MRTK documentation for our most up to date guide to contributing to MRTK.

If you are looking for information on how to use MRTK please see our most up to date Documentation site

If you are looking to learn about the MRTK API, please see our most up to date MRTK API documentation

Feedback Channels

Join the conversation around MRTK on and for discussions related to Windows Mixed Reality in general HoloDevelopers Slack channel.

Ask questions about using MRTK on Stack Overflow.

Search for solution or file a new issue in GitHub if you find something broken in MRTK code.

If you wish to see the archived discussions about MRTK and the HoloLens please visit the Windows Mixed Reality Developer Forum, but note that this forum is not actively being used or maintained. It is for archival reference currently.