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keveleigh and davidkline-ms Updating sharing to VS2017 and updating namespace to MixedRealityTool…
…kit (#140)

* Updating Sharing to VS2017

* Adding VS2017 for speex-12rc1

* Updating projects to VS2017

* Updating ServerManagerUniversal.UI test key

* Updating gitignore

* Updating Sharing files HoloToolkit -> MixedRealityToolkit

* Wrapper formatting updates

* Updating more HoloToolkit -> MixedRealityToolkit

* Updating Sharing version numbers

* Updating SessionServer version

* Updating resource file for ClientUniversalCSharp

* ReflectionExtensions `using` cleanup

* Updating build batch scripts for VS2017

* Updating some sharing app versions I missed before

* Removing Java from the build by default

* Final pass at retargeting projects to 16299

* Renaming Solution to MixedRealityToolkit.Sharing

* Updating Sharing docs

* Fixing Java wrapper project filters

* Revert "Final pass at retargeting projects to 16299"

This reverts commit 03c4324.
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The MixedRealityToolkit.Sharing library allows applications to span multiple devices, and enables holographic collaboration.

Originally developed for OnSight, a collaboration between SOTA (a Microsoft studio) and NASA to enhance their existing Mars rover planning tool with HoloLens, MixedRealityToolkit.Sharing enables users to use multiple devices for a task by allowing the apps running on each device communicate and stay in sync seamlessly in real time.

Users can also collaborate with other users (who are also using multiple devices) who may be in the same room or working remotely.

First: Environment and Dependencies

Follow the required steps for Setting up the Build Environment and Building the Sharing Library outlined here: Getting Started


Multi-Platform, Multi-language

Enhance any app, on any device, written in any programming language

  • Portable C++ code
  • Auto-Generated bindings to most languages (SWIG)

Supported Languages, Platforms and Chip Architectures:

  • Win32, UWP, OSX
  • C++, C#, Java
  • x86, x64, ARM

Lobby & Session system

  • Discover available sessions or create your own
  • Permanent or ‘until empty’ session lifetime
  • See user status: current session, mute state
  • Easy to discover and hop between sessions

Anchor Sharing

  • Users in a session can be in the same or different physical rooms
  • Users can share the location of Holographic 'anchors' they place in their room with other users in the same room
  • Users joining late can download all anchors in the session
  • Allows multiple users to see shared holograms

Synchronization System

Synchronize data across all participants in session

  • Everyone in session guaranteed to see the same thing
  • Automatic conflict resolution for simultaneous conflicting remote changes
  • Real-time: See remote changes as they happen
  • Shared data sets automatically merged when new users join a session
  • Responsive: no delay in your own changes
  • Ownership: your data leaves session when you do

Visual Pairing

Connect devices just by looking at them

  • One device displays a QR code with connection info and security code
  • Other device sees QR code, connects, and validates with security code
  • Can also detect location in 3D space using built-in fiducial marker support


Profiling and debugging an experience that spans multiple devices is challenging. So MixedRealityToolkit.Sharing provides an app that can connect to multiple devices at once and aggregates their timings and debug output in a single place