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How to use the Kubernetes yaml files for Linux Server

In this folder, we have 3 yaml files.

  • Default OMS Agent Daemon-set which does not have secrets (omsagent.yaml)
  • OMS Agent Daemon-set yaml file which uses secrets (omsagent-ds-secrets.yaml) with secret generation scripts which generates the secrets yaml (omsagentsecret.yaml).

You can select to create omsagent daemonsets with or without secrets. Here are the instructions:

If you are looking for Windows Kubernetes, please go here.

Without Secret

  1. For the Default OMS Agent Daemon-set yaml file, please make sure to replace the <WSID> and <KEY> to your WSID and KEY. Copy file to your master node and run kubectl create -f omsagent.yaml

With Secret

  1. To use OMS Agent Daemon-set using Secrets, create the secrets first.
  • Copy the script and secret template file and make sure they are on the same directory.
    • secret generating script -
    • secret template - secret-template.yaml
  • Run the script. The script will ask for the OMS Workspace ID and Primary Key. Please insert that and the script will create a secret yaml file so you can run it.
#> sudo bash ./ 
  • Create the secrets pod by running the following: kubectl create -f omsagentsecret.yaml

  • To check, run the following:

root@ubuntu16-13db:~# kubectl get secrets
NAME                  TYPE                                  DATA      AGE
default-token-gvl91   3         50d
omsagent-secret       Opaque                                2         1d
root@ubuntu16-13db:~# kubectl describe secrets omsagent-secret
Name:           omsagent-secret
Namespace:      default
Labels:         <none>
Annotations:    <none>

Type:   Opaque

WSID:   36 bytes
KEY:    88 bytes 
  • Copy the daemon-set yaml "omsagent-ds-secrets.yaml" to your host.

  • Create your omsagent daemon-set by running kubectl create -f omsagent-ds-secrets.yaml

  1. Check to see whether the OMS Agent daemon-set is running fine.
    root@ubuntu16-13db:~# kubectl get ds omsagent
    omsagent   3         3         <none>          1h