Manages, configures and monitors Office365 Tenant configuration
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DSC Resources Flow

This module allows organizations to automate the deployment, configuration, and monitoring of Office 365 Tenants via PowerShell Desired State Configuration. The compiled configuration needs to be executed from an agent's Local Configuration Manager (LCM) (machine or container) which can communicate back remotely to Office 365 via remote API calls (therefore requires internet connectivity).

How to Install

At this current point int time, the Office365DSC module is only available in Alpha Release. In order to acquire the latest Alpha bits of the module, you need to make sure you have PowerShellGet 1.6.0 or greater installed on your machine. In order to acquire that version of the PowerShellGet module simply run the following line of PowerShell code from a machine that has internet connectivity:

Install-Module PowerShellGet -Force

You will need to close the PowerShell session and re-open a new one after installing the latest PowerShellGet version in order to be allowed to acquire Alpha releases of the Office365DSC module. Once done, run the following line of PowerShell to acquire the latest Office365DSC module's alpha release from the PowerShell Gallery:

Install-Module -Name Office365DSC -AllowPrerelease -Force


The following screen capture show what resource must be used to configure the various elements that are available via the Graphical User Interface of the Office 365 Administration Center.