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timkeosa Fix InvalidArgument exception thrown in FrameProvider sample during s…
…ervice shutdown

This fix works-around the behavior in SensorDataService when the service
is  shutting down, in which the FrameProvider object is directly Closed
by the service while ProviderManager still references the Provider

The ProviderManager no longer releases and cleans-up the Provider when
the Destructor is invoked; it assumes this has already been performed by
SensorDataService. Also, this change adds additional thread locks to
protect against a potential race-condition if the camera is physically
disconnected at the same time the service is shutting down.
Latest commit cdde768 Feb 13, 2016


This repo contains samples written by Microsoft to demonstrate features that Partners can use in their application development. Specifically, you will find samples written to show you how to use and test Windows Hello with Windows 10 (1511). The first sample is "Windows Hello infrared camera sample", also known as "FrameProviderSample". You can find the documentation for this sample on MSDN at The second sample is a tool for testing your Frame Providers, called "Windows Hello Frame Provider verification tool", also known as ProviderTest.