Bar Chart Custom Visual for tutorial.
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Guy-Moses High contrast documentation (#42)
* Added documentation for *high-contrast* support

* New files:
* Tutorial/
* Tutorial/images/HC_sampleBarChart_dark2.png
* Tutorial/images/HC_sampleBarChart_standard.png
* Tutorial/images/HC_sampleBarChart_white.png

* Added links to commit and relevant files of Sample Bar Chart high-contrast support implementation
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Build Status Bar Chart Custom Visual sample.

Setting Up Environment

Before starting creating your first custom visual follow by this setting up environment instruction.

Install dev dependencies:

Once you have cloned this example, run these commands to install dependencies and to connect the visual into powerbi.

npm install # This command will install all necessary modules

Start dev app

pbiviz start

Building Bar Chart

  1. Building a Visual with Static Data
  2. Adding Databinding to the Bar Chart
  3. Adding Color to the Bar Chart
  4. Adding Selection and Interaction with Other Visuals
  5. Adding Static Objects to Property Pane
  6. Adding Databound Objects to Property Pane
  7. Adding Powerbi Extensibility Utils
  8. Adding URL Launcher element to the Bar Chart
  9. Adding Report Page tooltips support to the Bar Chart
  10. Accessibility: Adding High-Contrast Mode Support
  11. Finally Package for Distribution ... Done