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PowerBI Visual Tools (pbiviz) - Installation

Before you can get started you'll need to install the tools. This should only take a few seconds.


Before you can run (or install) the command line tools you must install NodeJS. To check that node is installed and up to date, run the following command in your terminal

node --version
  • NodeJS 5.0+ Required. Versions 5 through 8 are all confirmed to work with pbiviz. - Download NodeJS


Npm Version Npm Downloads
To install the command line tools simply run the following command

npm install -g powerbi-visuals-tools

To confirm it was installed correctly you can run the command without any paremeters which should display the help screen.


Server certificate setup

To enable live preview visual assets need to be served on a trusted https server so before you can start you need to install an ssl certificate which will allow visual asssets to load in your web browser. This is a one time setup.

Enable developer visual

To view/test your visual in PowerBI you need to enable the development visual and then you can add it to any report.


Learn more about using these tools in the Usage Guide