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This documentation is deprecated. Please use new official documentation of Power BI Visuals site instead.

Power BI Visuals

Learn how to build Power BI visuals!

Developing Your First PowerBI Visual

This section is to provide you with a step by step tutorial of developing your first PowerBI visual. In this tutorial, you will be building a simple bar chart. The source code is located here in the Sample Bar Chart Repo.

Setting Up Environment

  1. Install PowerBI visuals CLI tool
  2. Create SSL certifications to enable live preview of visuals
  3. Install generated SSL certifications to enable live preview of visuals
  4. Enable Developer Tools in PowerBI
  5. Create New PowerBI Visual Project
  6. Start Development Server for Live Update and Incremental Development
  7. Adding the Debug Visual from the Visual Well into your Favorite Report
  8. Adding External Libraries
  9. Installing @Types for External Libraries

Building Bar Chart

  1. Building a Visual with Static Data
  2. Adding Databinding to the Bar Chart
  3. Adding Color to the Bar Chart
  4. Adding Selection and Interaction with Other Visuals
  5. Adding Static Objects to Property Pane
  6. Adding Databound Objects to Property Pane
  7. Adding Tooltips to the Bar Chart
  8. Adding A Slider control to the Bar Chart
  9. Adding Locale support to the Bar Chart
  10. Adding URL Launcher element to the Bar Chart
  11. Finally Package for Distribution ... Done!

Building a Slicer Visual

  1. The sample slicer visual
  2. Adding advanced filter API
  3. Using the advanced filter API
  4. Added bookmarks support
  5. Enable Sync Slicers

Building R Powered Custom Visual (corrplot)

  1. Creating a new R Powered Custom Visual
  2. Starting a simple R Script
  3. Adding a static property to the property pane
  4. Validate input data in R Script
  5. Creating R Powered Custom Visual with HTML output

Table of Contents

Reporting Issues

If you have any issues with Power BI custom visuals or the command line tools, please let us know. First, search the Power BI Developer Forums page to see if your issue has already been reported. If it already exists, please contribute your experience to the comments. Otherwise, create a new issue. Be sure to be as detailed as possible about exactly what you were doing when the issue occured and how we can reproduce it.


Documentation for creating visuals for Power BI



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