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Microsoft Quantum Development Kit: Non-Commercial Libraries

Welcome to the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit!

This repository contains shared-source libraries that can be used for research and academics, but that cannot be used for commercial purposes. Please note that these libraries are not intended for production use, and may be modified as research proceeds. For more information please refer to the LICENSE.

Using the non-commercial research libraries

The non-commercial libraries in this repository can be used via NuGet packages beginning with the prefix "Microsoft.Quantum.Research." For more details, please see:


If you have feedback about the libraries in this repository, please let us know by filing a new issue! If you have feedback about some other part of the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, please see the contribution guide for more information on the best places to file it.


Please note: this project does not accept external contributions.

If you'd like to contribute to the rest of the Quantum Development Kit, please see the contribution guide.