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In this directory, a notebook is provided to illustrate evaluating models using various performance measures which can be found in reco_utils.

Notebook Description
evaluation Examples of different rating and ranking metrics in Python+CPU and PySpark environments.

Two approaches for evaluating model performance are demonstrated along with their respective metrics.

  1. Rating Metrics: These are used to evaluate how accurate a recommender is at predicting ratings that users gave to items
    • Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) - measure of average error in predicted ratings
    • R Squared (R2) - essentially how much of the total variation is explained by the model
    • Mean Absolute Error (MAE) - similar to RMSE but uses absolute value instead of squaring and taking the root of the average
    • Explained Variance - how much of the variance in the data is explained by the model
  2. Ranking Metrics: These are used to evaluate how relevant recommendations are for users
    • Precision - this measures the proportion of recommended items that are relevant
    • Recall - this measures the proportion of relevant items that are recommended
    • Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain (NDCG) - evaluates how well the predicted items for a user are ranked based on relevance
    • Mean Average Precision (MAP) - average precision for each user normalized over all users
    • Arear Under Curver (AUC) - integral area under the receiver operating characteristic curve
    • Logistic loss (Logloss) - the negative log-likelihood of the true labels given the predictions of a classifier


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