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How to deploy Kubernetes on Windows with Flannel + HostGW


  • You have a Kubernetes Master that was successfully setup using Flannel with host-gateway as the network backend. This can be done using kubeadm, or our Kubernetes master from scratch instructions, for example.
    • Kube-Proxy and Flannel DaemonSets are scheduled to only target Linux nodes. You can do this by applying this node-selector.
  • You are using Windows Server, version 1709 or above.


A more detailed version of these instructions can be found here.

1. Install Docker

Install-Module -Name DockerMsftProvider -Repository PSGallery -Force
Install-Package -Name Docker -ProviderName DockerMsftProvider
Restart-Computer -Force

2. Create the Kubernetes for Windows directory

mkdir C:\k

3. Download the contents of l2bridge directory into C:\k and do the following:

  • Download Kubernetes Windows binaries (kubelet.exe, kubectl.exe, kube-proxy.exe) into C:\k
  • Copy Kubeconfig file $HOME/.kube/config or /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf from Kubernetes Master and save as config into C:\k
  • Ensure the cluster CIDR (e.g. "") is correct in:

4. Join the Kubernetes cluster:

.\start.ps1 -ManagementIP <Windows_Worker_Node_IP> -ClusterCIDR <ClusterCIDR> -ServiceCIDR <SvcCIDR> -KubeDnsServiceIP <KubeDNSIP>


  • ManagementIP: The IP address of the machine you are trying to join.
  • ClusterCIDR: The address range used by Kubernetes pods.
  • ServiceCIDR: The address range used by Kubernetes services.
  • KubeDnsServiceIP: The DNS service VIP used by kube-dns.

5. Deploy an example Windows service (make sure container image matches host OS)

Temp Binaries that will be removed soon

There are several pending PRs, because of which the bins are published here host-gw: add windows support

  • flanned.exe -

Windows CNI for overlay (vxlan) and host-gw (l2bridge) modes

  • cni\flannel.exe -
  • cni\host-local.exe
  • cni\l2bridge.exe