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SandDance development

The SandDance repo is a monorepo made up of several packages, managed by Lerna. SandDance is a component stack with the layer hierarchy below:

  1. - WebGL rendering and canvas control.
  2. Vega - chart layout.
  3. sanddance - unit visualization chart views and selecting / filtering interaction.
  4. sanddance-test-umd - test of sanddance in UMD deployment.
  5. sanddance-test-es6 - test of sanddance in es6 deployment.
  6. sanddance-react - (optional) React wrapper for sanddance.
  7. sanddance-explorer - React-based data exploration component.
  8. sanddance-app - React-based sample application used on website.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. Install Jekyll to run the website locally.


  1. npm run build


Depending on which component you'd like to see, you can run in various ways.

Run website

  1. npm run deploy
  2. cd docs
  3. jekyll serve
  4. Visit
  5. For tests, visit

Run sanddance-app with watchers

  1. npm start
  2. Visit
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