Tools for Apache Cordova
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What is TACO?

The Tools for Apache Cordova – "TACO" for short – are a set of utilities that make hybrid app development easier, friendlier, and faster. TACO is suite of products built by Microsoft, including:

  • /vscode-cordova is an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides IntelliSense, debugging, and build support for Apache Cordova and Ionic projects.

  • Visual Studio TACO is a complete IDE for building and debugging Apache Cordova apps. You can download it for free from the Visual Studio website.

  • /remotebuild is a secure build server to remotely build, run and debug apps using Apache Cordova. It sets up a webserver, and handles secure communication/authentication from the client. By default, it supports the taco-remote agent which lets you remotely build, run, and debug iOS apps created using the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.

  • TACO CLI is a set of command line utilities intended to compliment other command line tools (e.g. Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap). Microsoft is no longer actively maintaining TACO CLI, but if you want to fork the archived code you can find it in the taco-cli repo.