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Azure IoT Suite
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Internet of Things

Explore the sub-folders to find community-ready presentation materials on the following topics:


The Internet of Things (IoT) universe is rapidly expanding. IoT devices continue to proliferate, and the opportunity for creating innovative solutions using internet-connected data collection devices together with advanced analytics has never been greater. For developers, however, IoT’s huge potential also presents significant challenges. You’re facing countless devices producing a massive variety of unstructured data that you need to manage, control, secure, and effectively utilize. How do you ensure you’re not swept up in an avalanche of newly created internet-connected devices and instead are able to deliver on the promise of IoT?

IoT complexity can make it difficult to figure out how to get started or take the next steps. Like the number of IoT devices themselves, the amount of technical information around IoT is skyrocketing, and determining what information you need and where to locate it presents its own challenges. To help you navigate the sometimes-daunting world of IoT, we’ve taken our key learnings and put them in one handy place. Get started on your IoT journey, and enjoy the ride!

Getting started: What is IoT?

Search on the “Internet of Things” and you’ll find a multitude of results. In short, IoT is an overarching term for applications where we gain intelligence from devices connected to a network. These devices can be thermostats, occupancy sensors, chemical sensors, etc.—anything that collects data and sends it to another device, to the cloud, or soon enough, maybe to your refrigerator! With 30 billion connected devices predicted to be in place worldwide by 2020, IoT is the umbrella to a huge and diverse collection of applications.

A comprehensive IoT cloud solution like Azure IoT Suite lets you integrate all your devices and systems to uncover data and insights that can transform your business. To speed your IoT development, we even include some preconfigured IoT solutions such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. See how Microsoft Azure IoT is simplifies IoT further, and check out our IoT webpage to learn more.

Learn the fundamentals

Want to get started with Azure IoT Hub?

Visit Microsoft Virtual Academy for a high-level overview of IoT, Azure IoT, and Azure IoT Hub. See how to create and configure a hub and add devices to it. Learn about implementing cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messaging, review some basic device programming, and explore the hardware, software, and services that make your IoT solutions come to life. Plus, if you want more hands-on Azure IoT training, we’ll point you in the right direction. Watch now!

Stay up to speed

Here are some great resources to help you keep up to date on the latest and greatest topics around IoT:

Convincing your boss

So how do you get your boss to buy into your idea for a killer IoT app? Here’s a quick Top 10 Reasons on why now is the time to capitalize on the Internet of Things—waiting will only hurt your organization’s bottom line (and frustrate you). Here’s another article, Implementing IoT: It’s Easier Than You Might Think, for a high-level discussion on IoT and competitive advantage—with a link to an in-depth Forrester IoT research report for all the gory details.

Here are some other great articles on IoT benefits to your business

Solutions in Practice

Across the world, organizations are embracing IoT to meet their business goals—be it enhanced performance, preventative action, cost savings, and more. Take a look at these IoT technical case studies—complete with architectural diagrams and actual code—to get a feel for the breadth and ingenuity of IoT solutions.

Show your boss what others are doing. Here's a quick video that shows how Rolls-Royce is applying IoT to transform their commercial aircraft engine business.

Learn advanced skills

So, you’ve mastered the fundamentals and have your boss on board. Ready to dive in further? Here’s some meaty stuff to explore:

  • Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT. This MVA course, available on edX, provides an in-depth exploration of IoT. It includes more than 12 hours of hands-on lab activities to give you more real-world experience. It also has over three hours of video-based product insights recorded specifically for this course by the Azure IoT engineering team.

Get hands-on

Inspired and ready to get your hands dirty? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve built some great tutorials, API references, videos and other documentation to help. Get ready to roll with our Azure IoT Getting Started Guides. Then, take it a step further by taking advantage of our free Azure trial offer.

We can’t wait to see what you create!