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ColorTool makes it easy to change the Windows console to your desired scheme. Includes support for iTerm themes!

    colortool.exe [options] <schemename>
ColorTool is a utility for helping to set the color palette of the Windows Console.
By default, applies the colors in the specified .itermcolors or .ini file to the current console window.
This does NOT save the properties automatically. For that, you'll need to open the properties sheet and hit "Ok".
Included should be a `schemes/` directory with a selection of schemes of both formats for examples.
Feel free to add your own preferred scheme to that directory.
    <schemename>: The name of a color scheme. ct will try to first load it as an .itermcolors color scheme.
                  If that fails, it will look for it as an .ini file color scheme.
    -?, --help     : Display this help message
    -c, --current  : Print the color table for the currently applied scheme
    -q, --quiet    : Don't print the color table after applying
    -d, --defaults : Apply the scheme to only the defaults in the registry
    -b, --both     : Apply the scheme to both the current console and the defaults.
    -s, --schemes  : Display all available schemes
    -v, --version  : Display the version number

Included Schemes

Included are two important color schemes in .ini file format - cmd-legacy and campbell.

  • cmd-legacy is the legacy color scheme of the Windows Console, before July 2017

  • campbell is the new default scheme used by the Windows Console Host, as of the Fall Creator's Update.

There are a few other schemes in that directory in both .ini format and .itermcolors.

Adding Schemes

You can also add color schemes to the colortool easily. Take any existing scheme in .itermcolors format, and paste it in the schemes/ directory. Or just cd into a directory containing *.itermcolors files before running the colortool.

I recommend the excellent iTerm2-Color-Schemes repo, which has TONS of schemes to choose from, and previews.

You can also easily visually edit .itermcolors color schemes using Use the Import and Export tabs with iTerm2 as the format.


Just download the latest colortool release and extract the zip file.


Either build with Visual Studio, or use the included build.bat from the command line to try and auto-detect your msbuild version.


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