@mhegazy mhegazy released this Nov 30, 2015 · 17087 commits to master since this release

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For release notes, and links to installing for various platforms, check out the release announcement

Note: This release has the version tag of for Visual Studio 2013 and for Visual Studio 2015.

For new features, checkout the what's new in TypeScript 1.7 page.

For breaking changes, check out the Breaking changes in TypeScript 1.7 page.

For the complete list of fixed issues, check out the fixed issues query for TypeScript 1.7.

Special thanks to all contributors to this release:

  • Basarat Ali Syed
  • Brett Mayen
  • Colin Snover
  • Denis Nedelyaev
  • Dick van den Brink
  • Dirk Baeumer
  • Eyas Sharaiha
  • Graeme Wicksted
  • John Vilk
  • Jonathan Bond-Caron
  • Julian Williams
  • Ken Howard
  • Martin Vseticka
  • Martin Všetička
  • Nathan Shively-Sanders
  • @progre
  • Punya Biswal
  • Ryohei Ikegami
  • Sébastien Arod
  • Tingan Ho
  • Viliv Vane
  • Wesley Wigham
  • York Yao