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This repo contains all the VC++ samples available since 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2015 We are migrating these samples to VC2017 (latest version so far). You can select 2008 or 2010 branch to see code at this date, and of course 2015/2017 to see the already migrated code.


This repo contains few documents about VC++ migration. This is not a substitute to MSDN documentation, the main entry point for migration documentation is here: (old version)

Few documents for your migration:

Migration 101, an introduction of the migration issue causes.

Repro case guide, when you want to submit a issue in your code, without diffusing your code, here is an help to create simple repro case

Internal Compiler Error, when you hit an ICE, see this page to report the issue to the VC++ Compiler Team

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