timotiusmargo Fix WebDriverAPI test for DELETE /session/:sessionId/window endpoint …
…by nullifying session after quit

Update the list of tested WebDriverAPI endpoints in the WebDriverAPI README.md
Update Calculator and Notepad samples to use the latest official MSTest packages
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CalculatorTest is a sample test project that runs and validates basic UI scenarios on Windows 10 built-in Calculator application. This sample is created as the most basic test project to quickly try out Windows Application Driver.

This test project highlights the following basic interactions to demonstrate how UI testing using Windows Application Driver work.

  • Creating a modern UWP app session
  • Finding element using name
  • Finding element using accessibility id
  • Finding element using XPath
  • Sending click action to an element
  • Retrieving element value
  • Navigating using SplitViewPane


  • Windows 10 PC with the latest Windows 10 version (Version 1607 or later)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or later

Getting Started

  1. Open CalculatorTest.sln in Visual Studio
  2. Select Test > Windows > Test Explorer
  3. Select Run All on the test pane or through menu Test > Run > All Tests

Once the project is successfully built, you can use the TestExplorer to pick and choose the test scenario(s) to run

Adding/Updating Test Scenario

Please follow the guidelines below to maintain test reliability and conciseness:

  1. Test all changes against all supported version of Windows 10 built-in Calculator app
  2. Maintain simplicity and only add tests that provide additional value to the sample