Photo Editor is a UWP photo viewing and editing sample that highlights development with C++/WinRT.
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Photo Editor C++/WinRT sample application

The Photo Editor application is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) sample that showcases development with the C++/WinRT language projection. The sample application allows you to retrieve photos from the Pictures library, and then edit the selected image with assorted photo effects. In the sample's source code, you'll see a number of common practices—such as data binding, and asynchronous actions and operations—performed using the C++/WinRT projection.

PhotoEditor sample showing the image collection page, editing page, and editing controls


Photo Editor primarily demonstrates:


This sample requires:

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Running the sample

The default project is PhotoEditor and you can Start Debugging (F5) or Start Without Debugging (Ctrl+F5) to try it out, just make sure to set the platform target appropriately. The app will run in the emulator or on physical devices.

Code at a glance

If you're just interested in code snippets for certain areas, and don't want to browse or run the full sample, check out the following files.

A custom runtime class that represents a photo.

The first page that loads the photos from the Pictures Library and displays a tiled thumbnail view.

Tapping a photo from the MainPage thumbnail view will take you to the photo editor page, where Win2D effects are toggled, set, and chained together.

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External libraries used in this sample