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Trying to better set expectations about contributing and avoid anyone charging in with a PR that we weren't expecting and can't accept.
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Also remeber that the Pull Requests must be done aganist the **[dev branch](**.
## Before you begin
While we're grateful for any and all contributions, we don't want you to waste anyone's time. Please consider the following points before you start working on any contribution.
* Please comment on an issue to let us know you're interested in working on something before you start the work. Not only does this avoid multiple people unexpectedly working on the same thing at the same time but it enables us to make sure everyone is clear on what should be done to implement any new functionality. It's less work for everyone, in the long run, to establish this up front.
* The code that is output in the generated projects may end up in thousands of apps so it must be of the highest quality. Expect it to be reviewed very thoroughly and it must meet our standards for standards for style, structure, and format.There are details below and automated tests to verify their use.
* Get familiar with the automated tests that are part of the project. With so many possible combinations of output, it's impossible to verify everything manually. You will need to make sure they all pass.
* When adding anything new it should be created to work with all supported frameworks. If this is going to be a problem, discuss it before beginning work.
## A good pull request
Every contribution has to come with:

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