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Why does this repository exist?

We spend a lot of time debating about priorities and what we feel are the most important features and changes you're looking for. By bringing a significant portion of what we plan to do into a forum where early designs can be shared we hope to make you the most productive developer possible.

What things should I expect here?

You can discuss future items and changes with the team openly and transparently. We'll do our best to provide succinct updates on our short-term and long-term goals while taking feedback on work currently in progress. Running a cloud service leaves a lot to juggle, but we aim to provide first class service through clear communication and expectations.

For general support please use the in product chat option to communicate with someone from our support team

How do I know what is being planned?

You can refer to the Iteration plans or Roadmap page for quick links to active work and goals for our team.

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