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App Center Roadmap 2019


These are examples of some of the work we will be focusing on this calendar year. We continuously tune the plan based on feedback and we will provide more detail in each of our monthly iteration plans. Please follow along and let us know what you think!

Legend of annotations:

Mark Description
bullet work not started
check mark work completed
:runner: on-going work
:muscle: stretch goal


Our roadmap covers the following themes:

  • performance, scalability, serviceability, security
  • smoothly transitioning HockeyApp users to App Center
  • creating next generation Azure mobile services
  • better supporting our existing repositories
  • improving documentation and samples


  • First-class UWP and WPF support for Identity, Storage and Push Services
  • :muscle: Add .NET Core 3 support
  • :muscle: Add support for progressive web apps and single page apps


Continue to improve support for the current HockeyApp user scenarios.

  • Unity platform support
  • :runner: Add support to indicate the environment or release type of an app [#120]
  • First-class UWP and WPF support for Diagnostics, Analytics and Distribution
  • App Center SDK Carthage support
  • Add AAD support for organizations and shared distribution groups


  • Shared Distribution Groups for organizations
  • Migrate Android tester app to use App Center infrastructure
  • Daily Digest Notifications for Distribution
  • Release to individual testers and multiple distribution groups [#10]
  • Silent notifications when releasing [#122]
  • Download releases from install portal on unsupported platform [#82]
  • Disable in-app update when in guided access mode [#46]
  • Disable releases [#121]
  • In-app update through public distribution groups is not supposed to require log-in [#182]
  • Sparkle support (in-app updates) for macOS beta distribution [#202]
  • Upload .dmg files for macOS
  • Custom apps platform support
  • Externally hosted builds
  • Integrate install page with developer portal
  • Download page (deep link) for a specific version


  • ProGuard support
  • Android NDK support
  • Search for crashes by user ID [#4]
  • :runner: Filter crash and error groups by build number [#133]
  • :runner: Support for tvOS
  • API to upload custom crashes
  • Daily digest email for crashes


Create a migration path into App Center for current HockeyApp users.

  • Stage 1: Your HockeyApp data in App Center
  • :runner: Stage 2: Move apps from HockeyApp to App Center [#230]
  • :runner: Stage 3: Move accounts to App Center including all apps



  • :runner: Connect or create an Azure B2C identity provider
  • Bring your own identity provider support
  • Enterprise AAD support
  • End user profile dashboards with cross-service integrations

Data Sync

  • :runner: Connect or create an Azure Cosmos database
  • :runner: User configuration and profile record store
  • Visual data browser for stored information
  • Collaborate on collection documents
  • Real-time document storage updates
  • Off-line write support

File Storage

  • Manage app resources with Azure blob storage and CDN
  • Upload and download user generated content


  • Tighter coupling with Azure Notification Hubs
  • Export for installation device metadata
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