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Azure DevOps Client for Node.js

Integrate with Azure DevOps from your Node.js apps.

Install the library

npm install azure-devops-node-api --save


vso-node-api has been renamed and released as azure-devops-node-api

Get started


See samples for complete coding examples

Install the library

npm install azure-devops-node-api --save


Create a connection

import * as azdev from 'azure-devops-node-api';

// your collection url
let orgUrl = "";

// ideally from config
let token: string = "cbdeb34vzyuk5l4gxc4qfczn3lko3avfkfqyb47etahq6axpcqha"; 

let authHandler = vsts.getPersonalAccessTokenHandler(token); 
let connection = new azdev.WebApi(orgUrl, authHandler);    

Get an instance of a client

import * as ba from 'azure-devops-node-api/BuildApi';

let build: ba.IBuildApi = await connection.getBuildApi();

Available clients

These clients are available:

  • Build
  • Core
  • Dashboard
  • ExtensionManagement
  • FeatureManagement
  • FileContainer
  • Git
  • Locations
  • Notification
  • Policy
  • Profile
  • ProjectAnalysis
  • Release
  • SecurityRoles
  • TaskAgent
  • Task
  • Test
  • Tfvc
  • Wiki
  • Work
  • WorkItemTracking
  • WorkItemTrackingProcess
  • WorkItemTrackingProcessDefinitions

Use the client

Coding is easy using linear coding with async/await in typescript

import * as bi from 'azure-devops-node-api/interfaces/BuildInterfaces';

async function run() {
    let project: string = 'myProject';
    let defs: bi.DefinitionReference[] = await build.getDefinitions(project);

    defs.forEach((defRef: bi.DefinitionReference) => {
        console.log( + ' (' + + ')');



To see what APIs are available, see the appropriate client interface. For example, GitApi.ts

Running Samples

Pre-reqs: Node >= 4.4.7 LTS and typescript (tsc) >= 1.8

Run npm install first

Set environment variables using set or export:


// use your token


Run samples:

$ npm run samples

Run a specific sample:

$ npm run samples -- http


To contribute to this repository, see the contribution guide

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.