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Microsoft Azure Subscription and Service Limits, Quotas, and Constraints
Provides a list of common Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints. This includes information on how to increase limits along with maximum values.

Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints

This document lists some of the most common Microsoft Azure limits, which are also sometimes called quotas. This document doesn't currently cover all Azure services. Over time, the list will be expanded and updated to cover more of the platform.

Please visit Azure Pricing Overview to learn more about Azure pricing. There, you can estimate your costs using the Pricing Calculator or by visiting the pricing details page for a service (for example, Windows VMs).

[!NOTE] If you want to raise the limit or quota above the Default Limit, open an online customer support request at no charge. The limits can't be raised above the Maximum Limit value shown in the following tables. If there is no Maximum Limit column, then the resource doesn't have adjustable limits.

Free Trial subscriptions are not eligible for limit or quota increases. If you have a Free Trial, you can upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription. For more information, see Upgrade Azure Free Trial to Pay-As-You-Go.

Limits and the Azure Resource Manager

It is now possible to combine multiple Azure resources in to a single Azure Resource Group. When using Resource Groups, limits that once were global become managed at a regional level with the Azure Resource Manager. For more information about Azure Resource Groups, see Azure Resource Manager overview.

In the limits below, a new table has been added to reflect any differences in limits when using the Azure Resource Manager. For example, there is a Subscription Limits table and a Subscription Limits - Azure Resource Manager table. When a limit applies to both scenarios, it is only shown in the first table. Unless otherwise indicated, limits are global across all regions.

[!NOTE] It is important to emphasize that quotas for resources in Azure Resource Groups are per-region accessible by your subscription, and are not per-subscription, as the service management quotas are. Let's use core quotas as an example. If you need to request a quota increase with support for cores, you need to decide how many cores you want to use in which regions, and then make a specific request for Azure Resource Group core quotas for the amounts and regions that you want. Therefore, if you need to use 30 cores in West Europe to run your application there; you should specifically request 30 cores in West Europe. But you will not have a core quota increase in any other region -- only West Europe will have the 30-core quota.

As a result, you may find it useful to consider deciding what your Azure Resource Group quotas need to be for your workload in any one region, and request that amount in each region into which you are considering deployment. See troubleshooting deployment issues for more help discovering your current quotas for specific regions.

Service-specific limits

Subscription limits

Subscription limits

[!INCLUDE azure-subscription-limits]

Subscription limits - Azure Resource Manager

The following limits apply when using the Azure Resource Manager and Azure Resource Groups. Limits that have not changed with the Azure Resource Manager are not listed below. Please refer to the previous table for those limits.

For information about handling limits on Resource Manager requests, see Throttling Resource Manager requests.

[!INCLUDE azure-subscription-limits-azure-resource-manager]

Resource Group limits

[!INCLUDE azure-resource-groups-limits]

Virtual Machines limits

Virtual Machine limits

[!INCLUDE azure-virtual-machines-limits]

Virtual Machines limits - Azure Resource Manager

The following limits apply when using the Azure Resource Manager and Azure Resource Groups. Limits that have not changed with the Azure Resource Manager are not listed below. Please refer to the previous table for those limits.

[!INCLUDE azure-virtual-machines-limits-azure-resource-manager]

Virtual Machine Scale Sets limits

[!INCLUDE virtual-machine-scale-sets-limits]

Networking limits

[!INCLUDE expressroute-limits]

Networking limits

[!INCLUDE azure-virtual-network-limits]

Application Gateway limits

[!INCLUDE application-gateway-limits]

Traffic Manager limits

[!INCLUDE traffic-manager-limits]

DNS limits

[!INCLUDE dns-limits]

Storage limits

For additional details on storage account limits, see Azure Storage Scalability and Performance Targets.

Storage Service limits

[!INCLUDE azure-storage-limits]

Virtual Machine disk limits

[!INCLUDE azure-storage-limits-vm-disks]

See Virtual machine sizes for additional details.

Standard storage accounts

[!INCLUDE azure-storage-limits-vm-disks-standard]

Premium storage accounts

[!INCLUDE azure-storage-limits-vm-disks-premium]

Storage Resource Provider limits

[!INCLUDE azure-storage-limits-azure-resource-manager]

Cloud Services limits

[!INCLUDE azure-cloud-services-limits]

App Service limits

The following App Service limits include limits for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps, and Logic Apps.

[!INCLUDE azure-websites-limits]

Scheduler limits

[!INCLUDE scheduler-limits-table]

Batch limits

[!INCLUDE azure-batch-limits]

BizTalk Services limits

The following table shows the limits for Azure Biztalk Services.

[!INCLUDE biztalk-services-service-limits]

DocumentDB limits

DocumentDB is a global scale database in which throughput and storage can be scaled to handle whatever your application requires. If you have any questions about the scale DocumentDB provides, please send email to

Mobile Engagement limits

[!INCLUDE azure-mobile-engagement-limits]

Search limits

Pricing tiers determine the capacity and limits of your search service. Tiers include:

  • Free multi-tenant service, shared with other Azure subscribers, intended for evaluation and small development projects.
  • Basic provides dedicated computing resources for production workloads at a smaller scale, with up to three replicas for highly available query workloads.
  • Standard (S1, S2, S3, S3 High Density) is for larger production workloads. Multiple levels exist within the standard tier so that you can choose a resource configuration that best matches your workload profile.

Limits per subscription

[!INCLUDE azure-search-limits-per-subscription]

Limits per search service

[!INCLUDE azure-search-limits-per-service]

To learn more about limits on a more granular level, such as document size, queries per second, keys, requests, and responses, see Service limits in Azure Search.

Media Services limits

[!INCLUDE azure-mediaservices-limits]

CDN limits

[!INCLUDE cdn-limits]

Mobile Services limits

[!INCLUDE mobile-services-limits]

Monitoring limits

[!INCLUDE monitoring-limits]

Notification Hub Service limits

[!INCLUDE notification-hub-limits]

Event Hubs limits

[!INCLUDE azure-servicebus-limits]

Service Bus limits

[!INCLUDE azure-servicebus-limits]

IoT Hub limits

[!INCLUDE azure-iothub-limits]

Data Factory limits

[!INCLUDE azure-data-factory-limits]

Data Lake Analytics Limits

[!INCLUDE azure-data-lake-analytics-limits]

Stream Analytics limits

[!INCLUDE stream-analytics-limits-table]

Active Directory limits

[!INCLUDE AAD-service-limits]

Azure RemoteApp limits

[!INCLUDE azure-remoteapp-limits]

StorSimple System limits

[!INCLUDE storsimple-limits-table]

Operational Insights limits

[!INCLUDE operational-insights-limits]

Backup limits

[!INCLUDE azure-backup-limits]

Site Recovery limits

[!INCLUDE site-recovery-limits]

Application Insights limits

[!INCLUDE application-insights-limits]

API Management limits

[!INCLUDE api-management-service-limits]

Azure Redis Cache limits

[!INCLUDE redis-cache-service-limits]

Key Vault limits

[!INCLUDE key-vault-limits]

Multi-Factor Authentication

[!INCLUDE azure-mfa-service-limits]

Automation limits

[!INCLUDE automation-limits]

SQL Database limits

For SQL Database limits, see SQL Database Resource Limits.

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