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Minimum Agent Version

Property in task.json

The minimumAgentVersion property in the task.json is used for routing build/release jobs to agents that satisfy the minimum version demand.

Branching within your code

You can use the variable agent.version to check the agent version and branch within your code.

Agent features relevant to task authors

Use the details below to determine when specific agent features were added:


  • task.settaskvariable
    • Added in 2.115.0 (related to prejobexecution and postjobexecution handler sections)
  • task.prependpath
    • Added in 2.115.0

Task execution handler

  • General
    • prejobexecution and postjobexecution handler sections were added in 2.115.0
  • node handler
    • Added in 1.95.1. Used node v5.10.1.
    • Updated in 2.117.0 to use node v6.10.3.
  • powershell3 handler
    • Added in 1.95.1
    • Updated in 1.97 to propagate Data property for endpoints


  • Agent.TempDirectory
    • Added in 2.115.0
  • Agent.ToolsDirectory
    • Added in 2.115.0
  • Agent.Version
    • Added in 2.104.1

Agent version to TFS mapping

The following chart details the agent versions that shipped with each on-premises TFS release:

2.x agent

Agent TFS
2.122.1 TFS 2017 Update 3
2.117.x TFS 2017 Update 2
2.112.0 TFS 2017 Update 1
2.105.7 TFS 2017 RTM

Legacy 1.x Windows agent

Agent TFS
1.105.7 TFS 2017 RTM
1.95.4 TFS 2015 Update 4
1.95.3 TFS 2015 Update 3
1.95.1 TFS 2015 Update 2
1.89.1 TFS 2015 Update 1
1.83.2 TFS 2015 RTM