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VS Code extension for working with Azure Pipelines YAML files
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Azure Pipelines for VS Code

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This VS Code extension brings syntax highlighting and autocompletion for Azure Pipelines YAML to VS Code. Basic YAML validation is built in to VS Code, but now you can have syntax highlighting that's aware of the Pipelines YAML schema. This means that you get red squigglies if you say tasks: where you meant task:. IntelliSense is also schema-aware. Wherever you are in the file, press Ctrl-Space (Cmd-Space on macOS) to see what options you have at that point.

By default, the extension will highlight known Azure Pipelines files in the root of your workspace. You can change the language mode at the lower right to work with one file at a time. Click the language picker, then choose "Azure Pipelines". If you have files which should always use this extension, set your user or workspace settings to match those file paths with this extension. For example:

"files.associations": {
  "**/ci/*.yml": "azure-pipelines"


This extension collects telemetry data to help us build a better experience for using VS Code with Azure Pipelines. We use vscode-extension-telemetry, which reports the following data:

  • Extension name
  • Extension version
  • Machine ID and session ID from VS Code
  • Operating system
  • Platform version

Additionally, if the language server fails to activate, we report the diagnostic data the language server produces. The extension respects the telemetry.enableTelemetry setting, which you can learn more about at VS Code's telemetry FAQ.


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