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Release Notes

This page provides release notes for SDK Version 4.1 release. You can find information about daily and stable release here.

Release 4.1 (Oct 31)

In this release the team focused improving engineering practices with better builds, test automation and integration testing. We updated to the latest CosmosDB provider and fix a number of Cosmos DB bugs. There were additional updates across addigional area like Language, Prompt and Dialogs, and Connectors and Adapters.

Change Log

A detailed list of all pull requests that went into a given release is below.


Detailed merged pull-requests that went into 4.1.0

Storage providers

  • Rename CosmosDBKeyEscape to CosmosDbKeyEscape [PR 1054]
  • Update CosmosDbStorage.WriteAsync() to not throw if no changes are passed in [PR 1042]
  • Update Cosmos DB tests for empty keys and null keys [PR 1041]
  • Fixes and Updates to the CosmosDB Storage Provider [PR 1014]
  • Cosmos db changes [PR 1053]

Language (LUIS, Recognizers, QnA)

  • Update recognizer packages to 1.1.2 [PR 1036]
  • Update recognizer packages to 1.1.1 [PR 1016]
  • Add LuisRecognizer.TopIntent and tests [PR 1013]
  • Fix for 992 with additional unit test [PR 1010]
  • Fix LuisApplication bad endpoint error [PR 983]
  • Change Dutch translation in confirmPrompt ('niet' to 'nee') [PR 1017]

Prompts and Dialogs

  • Add constraint to NumberPrompt [PR 1037]
  • Confirm prompt fixes [PR 1024]
  • Add configuration based constructor [PR 1011]
  • Updated supportsSuggestedActions() for directline & webchat [PR 1018]

Connectors and Adapters

  • Missing adapter integration interface and InvokeResponse bugs [PR 1049]
  • Added channels to connector [PR 1005]

Monitoring and Analytics

  • Add simple trace messages to BotFrameworkAdapter [PR 1031]

Engineering (Build, Automation, Tests)

  • Add build status for 4.0 branch build. [PR 1026]
  • Add Daily Build badges to readme [PR 993]
  • Add more badges to readme. Fix build link to master branch. [PR 994]
  • The Readme now shows the last build status for master, not the last overall build status [PR 990]
  • Update to correct build status badge, based on unified build. [PR 989]
  • Fix npm vulnerabilities [PR 1052]
  • Remove Stack Overflow link to v4 tag [PR 1051]
  • Broken tests due to merge of PR #1017 [PR 1023]
  • Update UsingMyGet.md [PR 1021]
  • Remove incorrect contributors badge. [PR 996]
  • Added basic MyGet instructions. [PR 995]
  • Add Nuget Badges [PR 991]
  • Add CustomHeaders unit tests for Conversations [PR 1027]
  • Initial scripts for coveralls integration [PR 988]
  • Update Package Version for Microsoft.Test.SDK in prep for Coveralls [PR 985]
  • Replace powershell pack/unpack with C# packer.dll [PR 980]
  • Increase CC in Connector.Conversations Tracing features [PR 1007]
  • add two ActivityPrompt tests for ResumeDialog and failed validation [PR 986]