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MSBot Command Line tool

The MSBot tool is a command line tool to create and manage bot resources described via a .bot file. See here to learn more about the .bot file.

Bot Builder tools are designed to work together. Other Bot Builder tools like LUIS CLI, QnA Maker CLI, Dispatch CLI and the Bot Framework V4 Emulator are designed to work with the .bot file and the MSBot CLI.



To install using npm:

npm install -g msbot

This will install msbot into your global path.

To uninstall using npm:

npm uninstall -g msbot

MSBot functionality

See here to learn about consuming the .bot file in your bots built with the Bot Builder SDK. This will enable seamless end-to-end creating, management and consumption of connected services your bot relies on.

See here to learn more about Bot Framework Emulator V4. Emulator also relies on .bot file and provides rich UI based experience to connect and manage connected services your bot relies on.

Nightly builds

Nightly builds are based on the latest development code which means they may or may not be stable and probably won't be documented. These builds are better suited for more experienced users and developers although everyone is welcome to give them a shot and provide feedback.

You can get the latest nightly build of MSBot from the BotBuilder MyGet feed. To install the nightly -

npm config set registry

Install using npm:

npm i -g msbot

To reset registry:

npm config set registry