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Shield Adding Connection Exerciser Firmware Mar 21, 2018

Building the code:

  1. Clone the code for the ConnectionExerciser project.

  2. Clone the following projects into the libraries directory:

  3. Make the following minor modification to the ArduinoSerialCommand library:

    • Open SerialCommand.h
    • Locate the #define for MAXSERIALCOMMANDS
    • Change the value from 16 to 32
  4. Install the Arduino IDE.

  5. Under "File | Preferences" change the "Sketchbook location" to the path to the ConnectionExerciser project.

  6. Select "File | Sketchbook | Shield" to open the project.

  7. Select "Tools | Board | Mega 2560"

  8. Select "Sketch | Compile" to build the device image, and "Sketch | Upload" to deploy it to an attached Connection Exerciser device.

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