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Throttle concurrent requests per session



Version Introduced


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Change Description

In the .NET Framework 4.6.2 and earlier, ASP.NET executes requests with the same Sessionid sequentially, and ASP.NET always issues the Sessionid through cookies by default. If a page takes a long time to respond, it will significantly degrade server performance just by pressing F5 on the browser. In the fix, we added a counter to track the queued requests and terminate the requests when they exceed a specified limit. The default value is 50. If the limit is reached, a warning will be logged in the event log, and an HTTP 500 response may be recorded in the IIS log.

  • Quirked
  • Build-time break

Recommended Action

To restore the old behavior, you can add the following setting to your web.config file to opt out of the new behavior.

    <add key="aspnet:RequestQueueLimitPerSession" value="2147483647"/>

Affected APIs

  • Not detectable via API analysis



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