Utilities used by the Deep Program Understanding team
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DPU Utilities

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This contains a set of utilities used across projects of the DPU team.


pip install dpu-utils

Overview of Utilities:

Generic Utilities:

  • dpu_utils.utils.RichPath a convenient way of using both paths and Azure paths in your code.
  • dpu_utils.utils.*Iterator iterator wrappers that can parallelize their iteration in other threads/processes.
  • dpu_utils.utils.{load,save}_json[l]_gz convenience methods for loading .json[l].gz from the filesystem.
  • dpu_utils.utils.git_tag_run that tags the current working directory git the state of the code.
  • dpu_utils.utils.run_and_debug when an exception happens, start a debug session. Usually a wrapper of __main__.
  • dpu_utils.utils.ChunkWriter that helps writing chunks to the output.

TensorFlow Utilities:

  • dpu_utils.tfutils.GradRatioLoggingOptimizer a wrapper around optimizers that logs the ratios of grad norms to parameter norms.
  • dpu_utils.tfutils.unsorted_segment_logsumexp
  • dpu_utils.tfutils.unsorted_segment_log_softmax
  • dpu_utils.tfutils.TFVariableSaver save TF variables in an object that can be pickled.

General Machine Learning Utilities:

  • dpu_utils.mlutils.CharTensorizer for character-level tensorization.
  • dpu_utils.mlutils.Vocabulary a str to int vocabulary for machine learning models

TensorFlow Models:

  • dpu_utils.tfmodels.SparseGGNN a sparse GGNN implementation.
  • dpu_utils.tfmodels.AsyncGGNN an asynchronous GGNN implementation.

Code-related Utilities

  • dpu_utils.codeutils.split_identifier_into_parts() split identifiers into subtokens on CamelCase and snake_case.
  • dpu_utils.codeutils.{Lattice, CSharpLattice} represent lattices and some useful operations in Python.
  • dpu_utils.codeutils.get_language_keywords() that retrieves the keyword tokens for many programming languages.
  • dpu_utils.codeutils.deduplication.DuplicateDetector that detects duplicates in codebases.

Command-line tools

Approximate Duplicate Code Detection

You can use the deduplicationcli command to detect duplicates in pre-processed source code, by invoking

 $ deduplicationcli DATA_PATH OUT_JSON

where DATA_PATH is a file containing tokenized .jsonl.gz files and OUT_JSON is the target output file. For more options look at --help.

An exact (but usually slower) version of this can be found here along with code to tokenize Java, C#, Python and JavaScript into the relevant formats.


Run the unit tests

python setup.py test

Generate code coverage reports

# pip install coverage
coverage run --source dpu_utils/ setup.py test && \
  coverage html

The resulting HTML file will be in htmlcov/index.html.


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