Microsoft Edge Diagnostics Adapter is a protocol adapter that enables tools to debug Microsoft Edge using the Chrome DevTools Protocol.
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Microsoft Edge Diagnostics Adapter

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Microsoft Edge Diagnostics Adapter is a protocol adapter that enables tools to debug and diagnose Microsoft Edge using the Chrome DevTools Protocol.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge Diagnostics Adapter works in Windows 10 - 14393 x64.

Installation and usage

You can install Microsoft Edge Diagnostics Adapter via npm:

npm install edge-diagnostics-adapter

Or downloading it from the releases page in GitHub.

Once you have it installed locally you can execute it as follows:

node /path/to/edge-diagnostics-adapter/out/src/edgeAdapter.js --port=9222 --servetools

View and inspect debuggable targets

Navigate to localhost:9222. You'll see a listing of all debuggable targets.

Supported features and API

The following API of the Chrome Debugger Protocol is supported:

Area Method
CSS getComputedStyleForNode
CSS getInlineStylesForNode
CSS getMatchedStylesForNode
CSS setPropertyText
CSS getStyleSheetText
Debugger canSetScriptSource
Debugger disable
Debugger enable
Debugger evaluateOnCallFrame
Debugger getScriptSource
Debugger pause
Debugger removeBreakpoint
Debugger resume
Debugger setBreakpointByUrl
Debugger stepInto
Debugger stepOut
Debugger stepOver
DOM getAttributes
DOM getDocument
DOM getOuterHTML
DOM hideHighlight
DOM highlightNode
DOM pushNodeByPathToFrontend
DOM pushNodesByBackendIdsToFrontend
DOM querySelector
DOM querySelectorAll
DOM requestChildNodes
DOM setInspectModeEnabled
Network enable
Network clearBrowserCache
Network setCacheDisabled
Network requestWillBeSent
Network responseReceived
Network getResponseBody
Page canEmulate
Page canScreencast
Page deleteCookie
Page enable
Page getAnimationsPlaybackRate
Page getCookies
Page getNavigationHistory
Page getResourceTree
Page loadEventFired
Page navigate
Page reload
Page setOverlayMessage
Page setShowViewportSizeOnResize
Page screencastFrameAck
Page startRecordingFrames
Page startScreencast
Page stopRecordingFrames
Page stopScreencast
Runtime callFunctionOn
Runtime enable
Runtime evaluate
Runtime getProperties

You can also download the protocol.json.

Building & Contributing

To build this project you will need VS2017 Community. Make sure to select the Windows 10 14393 SDK in the options.

You will also need to install the windows-build-tools.

Once you have the previous dependencies, run the following commands:

npm install
npm run build

The .dlls need to be signed in order for Microsoft Edge to run them. If you are doing any changes to the binaries, you will need to enable testsigning mode in your machine following this instructions.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.