HERE Launchers API library and source codes, as well the demo application illustrating the use of the API.
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HERE Launchers

This project is hosting the HERE Launchers API library and source codes, as well as the demo application illustrating the use of the API.

Getting started

The documentation for the API is located at Lumia Developer's Library:

Full source code for the demo project as well as the DLL can be found in the repository. All projects are designed to be built with normal Windows Phone 8 SDK. More information on how to get started can be found in the wiki:

Demo project

The structure of the demo application is really simple. When launched, you first see the start screen as shown above. In this view you can simply start the different views used to demonstrate the usage of different functionalities provided by the HERE Launchers API.

In each view, you can fill in the required fields and then press the button located at the bottom of the view to launch the handler application for the functionality.

Special input handling is implemented for each location (latitude/longitude) input box, they accept input only as described below:

  • '-' character can only be input as first character (long press of comma/dot button brings options for inputting minus sign).
  • There can be only one decimal separator character.
  • The separator character added to the input box is taken from locate settings.
  • In input, both ',' and '.' characters are accepted as decimal separators.
  • Invalid value is shown in red color.

Additionally, there is a location selection view which can be opened by pressing the "Get" button located on the right side of the views.

When pressing "Ok" in the location selection, the location in which the yellow dot marker is will be set as the selected location; pressing "Cancel" will cancel the location selecting.

When the dot in upper right corner of the map is green, then clicking it will move the map center to the location determined with the positioning API. The accuracy of the position will be shown with a green circle polygon drawn into the map.

The yellow dot marker can be moved by dragging it with finger; also when it is not shown in the visible area of the map, you can move it to selected location by tapping the map view.

Locations can also be found by using the Geocoding service. If there are multiple results for the query, then there will be a selection list located in the upper side of the map view. The yellow dot marker will be moved to the selected location once a result from the list is selected.