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//Third Party Code
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <Security/Security.h>
#import <CommonCrypto/CommonHMAC.h>
@interface KeychainWrapper : NSObject
// Generic exposed method to search the keychain for a given value. Limit one result per search.
+ (NSData *)searchKeychainCopyMatchingIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;
// Calls searchKeychainCopyMatchingIdentifier: and converts to a string value.
+ (NSString *)keychainStringFromMatchingIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;
// Simple method to compare a passed in hash value with what is stored in the keychain.
// Optionally, we could adjust this method to take in the keychain key to look up the value.
+ (BOOL)compareKeychainValueForMatchingPIN:(NSUInteger)pinHash;
// Default initializer to store a value in the keychain.
// Associated properties are handled for you - setting Data Protection Access, Company Identifer (to uniquely identify string, etc).
+ (BOOL)createKeychainValue:(NSString *)value forIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;
// Updates a value in the keychain. If you try to set the value with createKeychainValue: and it already exists,
// this method is called instead to update the value in place.
+ (BOOL)updateKeychainValue:(NSString *)value forIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;
// Delete a value in the keychain.
+ (void)deleteItemFromKeychainWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier;
// Generates an SHA256 (much more secure than MD5) hash.
+ (NSString *)securedSHA256DigestHashForPIN:(NSUInteger)pinHash;
+ (NSString*)computeSHA256DigestForString:(NSString*)input;