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SDK for using the Immersive Reader through Cognitive Services
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dpaulino Adding ImmersiveReaderView for UWP (#164)
* Initial commit of ImmersiveReaderView control

* Updated min target to 16299 in order to enable ARM64 compilation

* Added nuspec and nuget targets files

* Added sample app

* Fixed nuspec issues

* Added uwp readme

* Update

* Updated readme

* Updated script.txt to support title and removing unnecessary portions.

* Renamed script file

* Adding using for stream. Now reusing script text.

* Switching to read to end async

* Removed unused event.

* Removed nuspec file

* Addressing pr feedback

* Fixed build errors

* Moved uwp to samples directory
Latest commit ab1ef5c Feb 4, 2020


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assets Migration from DevOps to GitHub! Mar 30, 2019
js Adding ImmersiveReaderView for UWP (#164) Feb 4, 2020
.gitignore Fixes for various samples (#166) Jan 16, 2020
LICENSE Initial commit Mar 6, 2019
LICENSE.txt Migration from DevOps to GitHub! Mar 30, 2019 NodeJS quickstart fix, readme fix (#158) Jan 10, 2020
immersive-reader-sdk.podspec Clean up iOS sample code a bit (#148) Jan 9, 2020

Cognitive Services - Immersive Reader SDK

The Immersive Reader SDK is a set of libraries that allow you to easily and quickly integrate the Immersive Reader into your application.



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Please submit pull requests to the dev branch.

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Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License.

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