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This repository includes samples & components that can be incorporated and used in PoCs of IoT solutions for Azure. The primary aim of this body of work is to encode community learnings and industry agnostic best practices around IoT in a friendly quick-start context. Examples have been organized roughly by SDK or functionality, further by language, and are subject to change/reorganization as new content is added.

General Topics

End to End solutions

Though the array of possible solutions around IoT Hub is nearly infinite, the following list includes a few solid E2E solutions that will help you explore not only IoT Hub capabilities, but also an array of other Azure compatiblities.

  • Simulator Device |> Protocol Gateway |> IoT Hub |> Azure Stream Analytics
  • Simulator Device |> IoT Hub |> Azure Stream Analytics |> (Blob Storage, PowerBI)
  • Simulator Device |> IoT Hub |> Event Hub Reader Applicaiton (run business logic, respond with cloud2device message) |> IoT Hub |> Simulator Device
  • Simulator Device |> Gateway (batch & compress) |> IoT Hub |> Azure Function (decompress & shred) |> Event Hub |> Azure Stream Analytics (flatten data) |> PowerBI
  • Simulator Device (RaspberryPi) |> Field Gateway (RaspberryPi)(batch & compress) |> IoT Hub |> Logic App |> Iot Hub (cloud2device) |> Field Gateway(RaspberryPi) |> Receiving Device (RaspberryPi)


Please see the Contributing Guidelines.

Primary Contributors


This project is licensed under the MIT License