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Tools supporting the LSP
Supporting Tools

If you are missing a development tool please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document

Editor/IDE Maintainer Repository
Acme Fazlul Shahriar acme-lsp
Aginity Pro Aginity
Aginity Team Aginity
Atom GitHub atom-languageclient
BBEdit Bare Bones Software, Inc. Proprietary
Brackets Adobe brackets
Cloud Studio CODING
CodeLite Eran Ifrah
CodeMirror Furqan Software codemirror-languageserver
Eclipse Che Eclipse,Codenvy/TypeFox Che
Eclipse IDE Eclipse,Red Hat Eclipse community, Eclipse LSP4E
Emacs Vibhav Pant emacs language server client
Emacs João Távora Eglot
Emacs Andy Stewart lsp-bridge
GNOME Builder language server client
Helix Editor Blaž Hrastnik helix
JCIDE Javacardos JCIDE
JupyterLab krassowski jupyterlab-lsp
Kakoune ul kak-lsp
Kate Kate Team kate
Moonshine IDE Prominic.NET Moonshine-IDE
MS Monaco Editor TypeFox monaco-languageclient
MS Paint IDE RubbaBoy MS Paint IDE
Multiple editors Ycmd team ycmd
Neovim Neovim Team native support since 0.5
Nova Panic Inc Proprietary
Oni @oni_vim Oni's Features
OpenSumi opensumi opensumi
Qt Creator The Qt Company qtcreator
RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder) Embarcadero Proprietary
RJ TextEd Rickard Johansson lsp
Spyder Spyder Dev Team spyder
Sublime Text Raoul Wols lsp
Theia theia-ide theia
vim8 and neovim Junfeng Li LanguageClient-neovim
vim8 and neovim Prabir Shrestha vim-lsp
vim8 and neovim Qiming Zhao coc.nvim
vim8 and neovim Jayli vim-easycomplete
vim8 and neovim Jimmy Huang EasyCompleteYou
vim8 and neovim Nate Bosch vim-lsc
vim8 and neovim w0rp ALE (Asynchronous Lint Engine)
Visual Studio Adam Friedman LSP client in Visual Studio
Visual Studio Microsoft LSP Preview
Visual Studio Code Microsoft vscode
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